Art College Classes For Princess


Ariel has some art classes and wants you to help her get ready in this cute new game called Art College Classes For Princess. It’s her first day at the Art College and she has to choose between two classes. She can either pick the Fashion Design Classes or the Art Classes. Either way, you will have to help her pack her bag and get ready for school. Pick a cute outfit for her classes, either a cute and colorful dress or a skirt and a cute top. Pick a hairstyle, some accessories and she is ready to go to school. At the Art Classes, she will have to design a dress and you can help her. Pick the color and the design of the dress. At the Art Classes she will have to make a beautiful painting in which you will have to help her with the colors. Ariel will have a great time at college and thanks to you she will ace her classes. She is so happy to have you as a friend.