Audrey Adopts A Puppy


Help Audrey adopt an adorable puppy and take good care of him by playing this lovely game called Audrey Adops A Puppy! A puppy can be your best friend when your feel down and gives you a happy mood each time you see him. Audrey knows this best, since she recently adopted a puppy and she is very excited. Her longtime dream came true today and she wants to do things by the book and take care of her adorable puppy. Play this new lovely game called Audrey Adops A Puppy and help Audrey clean up her dog and cuddle him all day long. Firstly, start by using the soap and water to deeply clean the mud on her puppy's fur. Then take a towel a wipe the water so he gets a shiny fur. Feed the cuddling Pomerian puppy and help Audrey officially adopt the dog. Enjoy this game on our website!