Aurora Job Hunt


Play this fun game named Aurora Job Hunt and help this princess start off her career by finding the perfect job! The first step is building her CV. She has already written down all her information, but she wants her curriculum vitae to be unique and represent her personality, so help her pick the right paper, font and even some cute stickers for it to really stand out. And her photo is also very important. Then it's time to choose a lovely outfit for the interview. Go with something smart and chic. You could pick a pink shirt and a pencil skirt, a striped blouse and a midi red skirt, a mustard t-shirt with a classic collar and a pair of brown shorts, a red plaid dress or a blue one with a bow around her neck and accessorize with a hat, a pair of glasses and a messenger bag. Now she is finally ready to go to the interview. She has three options, so help her choose what you think fits best. She could try to be a fashion buyer, a music manager or a TV producer. For each of them you have to give the right answers to show you know what you are talking about. Will you help Aurora find the perfect career path for her? Good luck playing Aurora Job Hunt!