Aurora's Crafts


Girls, Aurora has entered Maleficent’s craft competition and needless to say, she will have to win it to be able to defeat Maleficent once more. If you would like to help Aurora win then come and play this fun game called Aurora’s Crafts here on Enjoydressup and help her do just that. She will need to create a plushie for the contest so go ahead and help her! Start by helping her knit all of the pieces she will need for her cute owl plushie and then stuff the knitted pieces with cotton to make the plushie soft and snuggly. Sow all of the pieces together to create the finished product and then go ahead and decorate it as you please to make is look cute and beautiful. Now she will surely win Maleficent’s crafts contest so good job! Have fun playing Aurora's Crafts here on Enjoydressup!