Baby Anna Frostbites


Baby Anna loves winter. She enjoys spending time outside, skating and building a snowman. These are some of her favorite activities and she likes to do them with her amazing sister baby Elsa. The Frozen sisters need to build a snowman and animate it as Olaf. They will use Elsa's magical powers to do that. First, help them build it, in Baby Anna Frostbites and keep in mind you have a limited amount of time to do that. Gather all the pieces to make the snowman and make sure you do it fast. After that, baby Anna will ask her sister to use all her magical powers to bring Olaf to life, so they can continue the winter fun activities. Oh no! Unfortunately, during the ice spell, baby Anna got sick and she has terrible frostbites. She is not feeling well and it's best for her to go in the house and let her sister help her with a healing treatment. She will use warm water on baby Anna's frostbites, then she will check for fever with a thermometer. In Baby Anna Frostbites she will receive a healing syrup and healing cream. A cup of hot tea and a kiss from her sister and Baby Anna is healthy and cheerful again. Have fun playing Baby Anna Frostbites!