Baby Around the World: Disneyland


Hello girls! The amazing baby Jessie is ready to travel to a new place for a new adventure around the world. She choose France and the amazing Disneyland. Here she will have so much fun meeting with her favorite princesses and even Minnie Mouse. Join her in the game called Baby Around The World Disneyland and have fun at this wonderful place. First, it's time for the dress up and you can choose for her a cute Tinkerbell costume or Elsa dress. Pick the according hairstyle as well, a pair of cute shoes, stockings and a beautiful crown. Her princess look is done and now it's time for the supplies selection, which you can use to make a nice post card. In Baby Around The World Disneyland she will need pencils, bows and stickers to create it. Color the card with great colors and patterns and apply nice stickers. Enjoy the game called Baby Around The World Disneyland!