Baby Around The World: North Pole


Hello ladies! Our cute baby Jenna is ready to travel to the North Pole for the winter holidays. She is very excited about her new travel spot and can't wait to start her adventure. She will have to do many things there and even find a great outfit. Join her in her adventure in the game called Baby Around the World North Pole! First, she will need to buy a few items such as patterns stamps, crayons, sticker set, red bow, purple bow, green bow and blue bow. When the shopping is done, she can start coloring and decorating a nice globe or tree. She can use the stamps and color for the decoration and I am sure her design will be very pretty. Next, in Baby Around the World North Pole you can select for her a new outfit to wear. She will love a great hat with red details, a beautiful coat with golden buttons, a pair of red shoes and blue pants with snow flakes. Enjoy Baby Around the World North Pole!