Baby Bling Tiaras


Hey girls! Meet Diana, a cute little toddler who is attending her first beauty pageant, Baby Bling Tiaras. Her mother is there for her making sure that her precious little girl will look cute and amazing for this exciting challenge. Since it's her first beauty contest, her mother will really appreciate you helping with the preparations. With your help everything will go really smooth and I'm sure little Di will look gorgeous. Start by giving Diana a bath. Wash her hair with a baby shampoo so her hair will be really smooth and shiny, then wash her with soap and rinse her. After you are done get to the next step: the beauty prep. You will have to apply some baby powder, face cream and a hair glitter spray for baby Diana. Then it's time for the most exciting part: the dress up. You know how important costumes are when it comes to beauty pageants, so much sure Diana will look the most amazing of them all! Choose a cute lila princess dress and a bling bling tiara. The hairdo is important to because it contributes a bunch to the whole aspect. A pair of glitzy shoes and our cute baby is ready to look awesome in front of the audience. Have fun playing this new baby game called Baby Bling Tiaras!