Baby Bonnie Ballerina


Meet Baby Bonnie a cute cheerful baby girl who likes ballet very much. Even though she is just a baby, she seems to walk in her mother's shoes who is a famous ballerina. Baby Bonnie's mother takes her to ballet classes with her and Baby Bonnie seems very happy when she is in the ballet class. Today you will have to prep Baby Bonnie for another ballet class. First you will have to give her a bath, wash her hair and make sure she is clean and happy. Then you will have to change her diaper, apply some baby powder and of course some baby oil so her skin will be soft and hydrated. Then dress Baby Bonnie in a cute ballet outfit. You can choose an adorable pink tutu with a lovely pink ballerinas blouse and of course a cute pink butterfly wand. The clothes are really cute and maybe you will have some hard time making up your mind :) A cute pair of ballerinas shoes and a glitzy hairband and Baby Bonnie will look adorable in the ballet class among the talented grownup ballerinas! Have a lot of fun and enjoy out new adorable baby game called Baby Bonnie Ballerina!