Baby Bonnie Bubble Jackets


It's time to join baby Bonnie for a new adventure. You already met baby Bonnie and you know how cute and adorable she is. Baby Bonnie has a passion for ballet, bumble bees and she wants to be a flower fairy. But you already know that, right girls? Especially if you have played all of our games from the Baby Bonnie series. Today Baby Bonnie wants to go outside and meet with her friends. You will have to prep her for this date: give her something delicious and healthy to eat and dress her up in a cute warm bubble jacket. So let the fun begin: start with an exciting mini game in which you will have to find all the tools and vegetables for the cooking process. Then cook a vegetables soup cream for our cute Baby Bonnie and feed her. To unlock the makeover you will have to play a fun matching pairs mini game. See how good your intuition is and then get to the most fun part: the dress up. Baby Bonnie adores bubble jackets and it's the perfect season for them. Dress her up in a cute one and match the top with a girly pair of pants and shoes. Don't forget to give her a cute animal cap so she won't get cold outside and of course a cute toy and a pacifier. Baby Bonnie is ready for having fun with her friends thanks to you, girls!