Baby Dentist Appointment


Meet a cute baby girl named Wendy. Today it's her first dentist appointment and she is feeling very anxious. Her mother wants to make sure that she will be well prepared for this moment and she won't develop a fear of dentists or doctors. That's why she tried to make Wendy's day really awesome. Maybe you can help her too? Join baby Wendy and give her a fun bubbly bath and squeeze toys to play with. Then change her diaper so she will be clean and fresh. The first dentist appointment it's an important event after all, so choose a cute outfit for baby Wendy so she will feel comfortable and pretty. It's very important for her to have a casual and positive attitude and I'm sure you will help her achieve that. The next stop, the dentist office. Give this cute little baby a proper dentist treatment and make sure that it won't hurt so bad. After all, we don't want her to be afraid to go to the dentist the next time, right? After you are done, you can add some accessories for her teeth and even color them! Sounds like fun, right? Have a lovely time playing this extremely cute new game called Baby Dentist Appointment!