Baby Elsa Making Cookies


Baby Elsa's best friend loves cookies and she is going to help him learn how to bake the most delicious cookies. Play this fun new game called Baby Elsa Making Cookies and help baby Elsa and her friend bake and decorate! They are so cute together and you are going to have a really great time teaching them cooking tricks. First you will have to help them find all the needed tools. Open the drawers in the kitchen to find the cooking tools and the ingredients, such as the flour, salt, cocoa, eggs, butter, baking powder, sugar and milk. Next, you will have to teach baby Elsa and her friend how to mix the ingredients and make the mold. Next, you have to bake the cookies in the oven and let the really fun part begin, the decoration part. Use different toppings and sprinkles to decorate the cookies. Have a really great time playing this new game called Baby Elsa Making Cookies!