Baby Elsa's Patchwork Blanket


Cute Baby Elsa was in the forest collecting apples and she tore her dress. Now she needs a brand new one and you can help her with that. Start the very fun game called Baby Elsa's Patchwork Blanket and select a top side and bottom side of her new outfit. For the blouse you can try all the options and pick the one you like best. My suggestion is one with long sleeves and a fitted design. Select a nice pattern for the fabric and color the blouse. The best pattern is one with red apples. Next, choose the style of the dress and it can be a block style or a pinwheel. Choose different colors and patterns to create the patchwork effect. In Baby Elsa's Patchwork Blanket you can now try a new hairstyle for the princess such as loose curls and a pair of high heels pink sandals. Enjoy Baby Elsa's Patchwork Blanket!