Baby Frankie Caring


Girls, we have a brand new baby game for you! Baby Frankie is a cute and fun baby girl and she loves being take cared off. Baby Frankie enjoys a great shower and she wants you to take care of her. Be gentle as she is a sensitive baby girl and be creative with your shower ideas of fun. Let's start the caring with a shower, so fill up the bath tub and add cute and fun toys for her to play with. Next, using shower gel wash her body and then wipe it with a soft towel. The caring can continue by applying a baby body cream and changing her diaper. Baby Frankie is so happy by the way of who you are taking care of her and she is ready to let you dress her up in cute and fun outfits. There are plenty of fashion items to pick to create an outfit. Enjoy playing this fun new game called Baby Frankie Caring!