Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble


Baby Hazel and baby Matt are together at home with the new nanny. The nanny is sleepy and she doesn't take care of the babies properly. The two siblings are getting in trouble and you need to help them and keep the nanny awake. They are really cute babies, so let's start taking care of the them so they don't get into sibling trouble. Baby Hazel likes to color so help her out and keep her busy so she doesn't wake her brother up from his sleep. The nanny has to change baby Matt's diaper so help her with that. The nanny seems to browse a magazine and Baby Hazel will wake her sibling up. When the cute brother is awake help the nanny feed him the milk from the baby bottle. It seems like a nice challenge so keep baby Hazel busy and the sibling trouble will be gone. Have fun playing Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble!