Baby Jasmine Genie Spa


Baby Jasmine is a cute little girl who enjoys spending time at the genie spa. The genie spa is a wonderful and magical place where baby Jasmine goes to be pampered. But to get there you must first complete challenging and exciting levels. Do you want to know more about this magical place? Let me tell you more. In the first step you have to fly on a magical carpet and collect colorful and precious gems. Don't miss any of them as you won't be able to reach the amazing genie spa. Now, after you passed the gem collecting challenge, help baby Jasmine Wash wer long silky hair. The Genie will guide you on the products you should use and he will also provide the special ingredient: magic! After, another challenge awaits, one in which you must be both careful and lucky. You have to find the jewelry under the monkey's hat. I wish you good luck as you might need it to proceed forward. In the last part, pick a cute outfit for baby Jasmine and I suggest a cute curly hairstyle, a pretty pink blouse and matching pants. Have fun playing our new and exciting game Baby Jasmine Genie Spa!