Baby Mermaid Pranks The Nanny


Audrey is a cute high school teenager who would like to try out something new and she decided to babysit the neighbor’s kids in the evenings. In this new Prank The Nanny Baby Mermaid game Audrey will have to babysit little Ariel while her parents are gone out in town. Ariel is a sweet little girl but she likes to pull pranks on everyone as revenge when she's not allowed to eat sweets. In this fun game you will be Ariel's accomplice. She came up with a whole plan to prank Audrey. Ariel is armed with a water gun, salt and pepper to pour it in Audrey's coffee, tooth paste to paint Audrey's face when she falls asleep and a toy spider to scare her. Luckily Audrey appreciates a good prank and at the end she's willing to play with Ariel all kind of games with little Ariel, for which they have to dress up and you must choose the costumes and accessories, Have fun playing this new Prank The Nanny Baby Mermaid game!