Baby Princess Room


Baby Elsa, Anna and their best friend, Rapunzel, had a sleepover and they had lots of fun. The girls ate snakes while watching movies, they decorated the room with balloons and played dress up. In the morning the room was such a mess and now it's time for the baby princesses to clean it up. Play this new Baby Princess Room game and help them clean and redecorate the room. With your help, the princesses will finish cleaning fast and they will have time to do fun girly stuff. Start by searching the cleaning tools, such as the broom, the duster and the window cleaner. Next, pick the food leftovers, the papers and juice cans and throw them to the garbage. Broom the room and clean the windows, then pop the balloons. Now let's move to the fun stuff, the room decoration. Have a really great time playing this new game called Baby Princess Room!