Baby Strawberry Shortcake


Let's take a trip back in time and meet the cute Strawberry Shortcake when she was a cute little baby girl. How will have to get her ready for a nice walk in the park with her mom to enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon. But first, you have to help baby Strawberry Shortcake with the bathing. Fill the bath tub and then pour some bath foam to make the water all bubbly. Don't forget to put her favorite toys in the water so that she doesn't get bored while you wash her. Once she is all squeaky clean wipe her with a towel, give her a clean diaper and dry her hair. Last but not least you must dress up baby Strawberry Shortcake with the most lovely outfit that you can think of, like a cute pink dress, matches with some pretty white shoes and girly headband. Enjoy playing Baby Strawberry Shortcake!