Baked Denver Omelet


Hey girls, would you like to work as a chef for a day? This master chef needs your help today, as he is about to create a very special recipe for a very demanding guest, so you can be his little apprentice and together, you will prepare a delicious Baked Denver Omelet. It's time for you to go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients. You have the list prepared, so you need to find and buy everything what's on the list. Once done, go back to the kitchen and start mixing the ingredients as the chef tells you to. Mix the eggs and the milk, fry the vegetables and the ham, mix them all together and add cheese, then introduce the composition into the oven. Once the omelet is baked, you need to decorate it, choose a nice plate, and cut the omelet into pieces and bon appetite! Have fun playing this new Baked Denver Omelet cooking game!