Barbi for President


The presidential campaign in the USA is a great debate subject and with the presidential elections around the corner, everybody is exited about who is going to be the next president of the United States of America. Barbie is interested in the results of this year's presidential elections and she is watching with great attention the presidential debates to learn a few tricks as she is also running for president. For now Barbie wants to be the president of the student body at her college, but who knows what future might bring, girls! One day Barbie can become the next USA president. Give Barbie a stylish and elegant fashionista look for her presidential campaign as president of her college student body playing Barbi for President facial beauty game! Beautify Barbie with facial beauty creams and masks, clean and professional make up and style her up with elegant outfits, jewelries and hairstyles. Help Barbie become the first fashion diva president of the USA with a fashionable presidential dressing code and make up. Enjoy Barbi for President facial beauty game!