Barbie And Ellie Computer Geeks


I'll tell you something that you probably didn't know about Barbie and her best friend, Ellie. They are totally passionate about computers. They never miss anything important because they are connected to the most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. They play a lot of addictive girl games, they know the latest cool apps, and the most important thing: they know stuff! I bet you didn't think that Barbie is able to fix your computer in no time. Or that she spends all of her weekends learning programming stuff. Or that Ellie is thinking about studying computer science because she wants to gain more knowledge on the matter. Well think again ladies! These girls know how to surprise you: they have the looks, but they also got the brains. Barbie and Ellie aren't your usual computer geeks so that's why everyone is amazed when they find out their unusual passion for computers. Have a blast and play this new Enjoydressup makeover game in which you will have the possibility to pamper this beautiful computer geek with a complete makeover, apply the perfect make up for her, and last but not the least, choose a cool geeky outfit for her. Are you ready gals? Wow! Surely you have done a good job! Great!