Barbie And Ellie Movie Night Prep


Barbie and Ellie want to spend some time catching up, so Barbie came up with the idea of throwing a movie night. They will watch movies all night, eat popcorn and gossip. Sounds just perfect! Everything is prepared, they have rented some really good movies, but before they start they thought about getting a full makeover. Barbie knows some really good beauty tips and tricks and she wants to show them to Ellie. Help them with Ellie's makeover. Start by applying a facial mask made of natural ingredients, then some scrub so Ellie's face will look radiant and fresh. Then apply some eye cream for the dark circles around her eyes. Her eye brows need some improving too, so help her with the tweezers and give them a beautiful shape. Then the fun part begins. Choose a lovely casual outfit for their movie night and accessorize with a pair of earrings and a cute necklace. Don't forget to pick a nice hairdo too for Ellie. Now her look is complete thanks to you and the girls will enjoy their relaxing movie night. Have fun playing our exciting new game called Barbie And Ellie Movie Night Prep!