Barbie And Ken Back To School


Play Barbie And Ken Back To School and make sure their return is both fun and chic to maintain their popular status! Barbie and Ken have been a couple for some time now, so they are everyone's sweethearts in high school. They had a wonderful summer vacation together, but now it is time to get back to school. We all know how important are outfits on the first day of school, so what should Barbie wear? There are a lot of cute options you can choose from, starting with colorful sweaters and jeans and ending with lovely dresses. But the main accessory is surely her backpack, which should be personal. How about you decorate it? That would be a wonderful surprise! You can paint it, add patterns and a lot of amazing stickers! Use your creativity for this task and Barbie will be proud of your efforts! She will also be in such a good mood, that she and Ken will try out the new Snapchat options to take some super fun photos of themselves. Use the perfect filters and hashtags! School can be a lot of fun! Have an incredible time playing this cute game named Barbie And Ken Back To School!