Barbie And Ken Spring City Break


Play this fun game named Barbie And Ken Spring City Break and help this couple prep for a really fun vacation! Ken has surprised Barbie with two plane tickets for a city break during this spring. Barbie is excited, but she needs your help to get ready. First you should help her pack her bags. Look around the room and decide what you want to take with her. You can choose cosmetics, the blow dryer, the photo camera, the umbrella, shoes, accessories and some clothes. Then you can enjoy decorating her suitcase and make it pretty and unique. Start by painting it in a lovely color combo, then add some patterns like heart prints or stars. Finally, add stickers from all around the world, showing flags or landmarks to showcase her love for travelling. She is almost ready, but she still needs to get dressed for the plane ride. Go back into her room and pick an outfit, using the clothes you have left after packing her bags. It's just like real life. Pick a pastel shirt, a cute t-shirt, a flower printed skirt or a pair of jeans. Have an amazing time playing Barbie And Ken Spring City Break!