Barbie Ball Spa Ritual


Hey girls! This winter Barbie is going to a super fun ball with all her friends. She wants to look amazing and for that she decided to have a great facial and hair spa day. You can join her and help her get ready for this great party in the super fun game called Barbie Ball Spa Ritual! Don't waste any time and begin the prep by adding water in the bath tub and bubble foam. Wash her hair with shampoo and rinse with care. Apply a great mask, which will clean and moisturize her face. Rinse that as well and then use the drier to dry the hair. Apply gorgeous make up which can include mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and a great blush. In Barbie Ball Spa Ritual you can also pick a great dress, shoes and accessories. Pick the red dress and red shoes and accessorize with a gorgeous necklace. Enjoy the Barbie Ball Spa Ritual game!