Barbie Christmas Surprise


Christmas is almost here girls, and Barbie is getting ready to decorate the house and the tree. She is feeling so crafty and creative today! Barbie knows that Ken likes traditional and handmade decorations, so she is going to craft a Christmas tree top for him. In this Barbie's Christmas Surprise game you can be her helper. But you girls need to hurry up, because Ken is going to be home soon and Barbie has so many things to do before he arrives. First of all, she needs to dress up nice for him. Help Barbie arrange her hair and take a look inside her wardrobe to find a cute Christmassy outfit, such as a lovely red blouse and skirt, to make her look like Santa's helper, or a fluffy white blouse with a snowman decoration on it matched with a black skirt. Choose some nice Christmassy accessories to complete Barbie's outfit, she will look so cute and adorable! Now you girls can create an angel tree top decoration. You need to cut the paper, use lace to create wings, yellow sewing thread for the hair and help Barbie to paint the face. I'm sure that Ken will love it! Have a great time playing this new Barbie Christmas Surprise game!