Barbie Confessions Of A Shopaholic


Dear Diary, do you speak Prada? I do! Let's go shopping! These are the confessions of a shopaholic and if you haven't guessed by now, this game is about Barbie. Would you like to join her on a shopping spree? Play this fun new game called Barbie Confessions Of A Shopaholic and spend a wonderful day with her, shopping in the most exquisite fashion boutiques. You can help her pick and try on fabulous outfits. There are so many chic dresses, skirts, tops and jeans in the boutique and Barbie would like you to help her choose the right colors. Once you filled the basket, it's time to pay with Barbie's VIP card. If she bought more than she can afford, you need to help her decide which clothing piece to leave behind. Barbie has seen some really nice outfits in a designer's catalogue but she cannot afford them. You need to help her create three fabulous outfits, so take a look inside her wardrobe and help her create a glam, a casual and a romantic outfit. Complete Barbie's look with shiny diamond jewels and matching shoes, then style up her hair. Have a really great time playing this new Barbie Confessions Of A Shopaholic game!