Barbie Design Your Winter Coat


Barbie loves the winter season, because she can dress in the most beautiful outfits and coats. She likes unique designs and incredible details for her coats and that's the reason why she decided to create her own winter coat. She has many tasks, that need to be completed, in order to design the most amazing jacket, but she is very excited about this do it yourself project. Help her in the amazing and exclusive game called Barbie Design Your Winter Coat! The first step is choosing the shape of the coat and there are two available; she can choose a long coat or a waist one. For the fabric there are three colors or patterns such as a pink color, white one or a beautiful purple fabric with green details. Choose one of the fabrics in Barbie Design Your Winter Coat and then take her measurements. Saw the coat together after you have cut the fabric according to the measurements and then decorate it with great accessories. In Barbie Design Your Winter Coat you can add glitzy gems, collars made of fluffy fur, shoulder pads, cuffs and many other things. Accessorize the look with some jewelry and a fancy winter hairstyle. Have a wonderful time playing Barbie Design Your Winter Coat!