Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup


Barbie's dreamhouse is a complete mess. She has organized a birthday party for her lovely sister and now she has some cleaning to do. Can you help her out? Barbie can do many things but she's not that talented when it comes about cleaning. In this Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup game you will have to make sure that Barbie finishes the work in time. There are papers on the floor, some objects are misplaced, the sofa is turned upside down and the mirror is dirty. You will gain points for every right thing that you make and you will lose points if you put an item on the wrong place. So let's throw out the garbage, mop the floor and clean every surface. Pu every object at its place and Barbie will be so happy that her dresmhouse is nice and clean again. Have fun playing this new Barbie Dreamhouse Cleanup game!