Barbie Flu Doctor


Barbie was so happy for having a wonderful time at the mall where she bought all her favorite things. She decided to rest a bit in the park near the mall but it suddenly began to rain and Barbie got wet and cold. Now she has the flu and she needs to get to the doctor fast before her condition worsens. In order to treat the flu in the doctor's room, you have to check the body temperature using the electronic thermometer and then move on to giving her the coughing syrup, about 3 teaspoons, to get rid of that terrible cough. Don't forget to check the heartbeats as well using the stethoscope and also apply the nasal spray so that Barbie can breath better. You can also give her some oxygen by applying the mask and you're done treating Barbie for flu! Have lots of fun playing our new game called Barbie Flu Doctor!