Barbie Good Or Bad


Barbie is visiting her best friend, who recently moved to a new city. Barbie has planned to stay for the whole weekend so she will have time to visit the city and spend time with her friend. In this new game called Barbie Good Or Bad, you will have to pick two different outfits for Barbie. A day time outfit, because Barbie is going to visit different museums and cultural places, and a night time outfit. In this lovely new game you will be Barbie's fashion adviser and your job is to mix and match different clothing items to create Barbie's good girl and bad girl look. Start with the daytime outfit and style up Barbie's hair, then pick a lovely dress for her. For the bad girl look you must pick a funky outfit, such as a pair of jeans matched with an animal print crop top, or a dress matched with a black leather jacket and boots. Make sure to accessorize both of Barbie's outfits in order to complete her fabulous look. Have fun playing this new game called Barbie Good Or Bad!