Barbie Keeping Up With Trends


Girls, if you love to be on top of all of the latest trends, you will love to play this brand new game called Barbie Keeping Up With Trends. We all know how big of a fashionista is Barbie so no wonder that she always keeps up with the latest trends. If you would like to find out about the latest trends, play this super fun game! Start by browsing Instagram alongside Barbie to see which items are trending right now. You will see three hashtags throughout the Insta posts and the ones you see at least three times indicate the hottest trend at the moment. Once you have identified the trends, move on to the dressup stage and browse through the closet to find the items that have the same tag as the hashtag. Create a nerdy, glitzy or hipster outfit and make sure that each one of the outfits has at least three items tagged as the symbol on the hashtag. Once you have your outfit, you will definitely have to post it! Customize the room in which you want to take the picture by adding cute stickers and don't forget to add a filter. Good job! Enjoy our fun game called Barbie Keeping Up With Trends!