Barbie Las Vegas Wedding


Ken asked Barbie to marry him and they started talking about their wedding. But the traditional weddings are so outdated and neither of them wants one. So they decided to do something fun and elope to Las Vegas! So they just packed all the clothes they put their hands on and took out the first flight. Now they are in their hotel room trying to get dressed up for the ceremony. Barbie has a few nice dresses, some lovely full skirts that would work great, some glittery tops or fun t-shirts and some delicate shoes. Mix and match until you find the combo you love the most. She didn't brought any accessories though, but no worries, that curtain would look perfect as a veil, there are some white roses in a vase that she could make into a tiara and the lamp has some nice crystals that would make great earrings. Ken only needs a shirt and blazer or a t-shirt, a pair of pants and simple shoes. In the chapel there are also some funny props you can use to complete their looks, like big wigs, feathers, flowers, big sunglasses and fake mustaches. Take them to the casino where Barbie could win something new, something borrowed or something blue. Good luck!