Barbie Nails Spa


Ladies, get ready for another fun adventure at the nail salon. This time we will join cute Barbie for her weekly beauty nails spa. She is so excited about it, because there are so many new designs that you and she can choose. Are you ready to start the amazing Barbie Nails Spa? I will guide you trough the proper procedure for the manicure and you can choose the most amazing colors and design for Barbie. Surprise jewelry and other accessories are available as well, so don't be shy and try them all because Barbie will really appreciate your contribution to her beautiful manicure. First, wash her hands with a great soap and rinse really well. Cut the finger nails and file them for the best result. In the Barbie Nails Spa game you have to soak the hands and nails into warm scented water and then choose the nail design. Enjoy Barbie Nails Spa game!