Barbie Real Makeup

Hey girls! Barbie needs your help again. Especially since she knows that you have the right skills to help her with a real gorgeous make up so that she can go to her BFF's birthday party. But let's get to work because we have a lot of things to do so that Barbie looks perfect. But before doing the actual makeup you have to do a facial. Apply a natural rose mask that will hydrate her skin and then a honey one to make the skin look perfect. Don't forget to get rid of those awful pimples and pluck her eyebrows. Now you are ready to do a real fabulous makeup! Use a pretty turquoise eye shadow as well as a black eyeliner and mascara. Apply a peach blush and a nice pink lipstick. In the end dress up Barbie with an incredible fuchsia dress and choose an elegant hairstyle and she will be ready. Enjoy playing Barbie Real Make Up!