Barbie Skin Treatment


Barbie has neglected her skin lately and now she needs a skin treatment. In this Barbie Skin Treatment game you need to make sure that her skin will get clean and healthy again. First let's start with the acne treatment. Use the cotton ball to clean her face with tonic water, then dry it with a soft towel. Give her protection glasses and turn on the acne photo-therapy machine. Next, you will have to use the laser for the acne scars and once done do a skin needling for scars. Give her the injection and remove her pimples, then mix a special mask and apply it on her face. Make sure you give her a full face treatment to remove her scars and wrinkles too. She is going to feel much better after you are done, and she should take a better care of her skin from now on. Have fun playing this new Barbie Skin Treatment game!