Barbie Snapchat Halloween Makeover


Play Barbie Snapchat Halloween Makeover and help Barbie find the perfect Snapchat inspired make-up for her favorite spooky holiday! Barbie always love to be trendy and what could be more modern than Snapchat, the social media platform where all the teenagers go to? So this year for Halloween she is ready to do a Snapchat filter make-up. That sound so fun! She has three different options: rainbow, galaxy or chipmunk? Which one do you like best? For each one you will have to apply a base, powder and then use other products like eyebrows pencil, eye shadow, liner, mascara, lipstick and glitter to create the perfect filter look. Then you can dress Barbie up in a cute costume that can match her amazing make-up. Have a lot of fun playing this incredible game!