Barbie Superhero Mommy


Super Barbie has become a mother and she has the cutest baby in the world. Being a mother for the first time can be overwhelming even for a help mom, and Super Barbie could you your help. Play this fun new Super Barbie Hero Mommy game to practice your babysitting skills and help out your favorite superhero girl! As you will see the baby is so cute and will make you smile all the time. Super Barbie would like to go out in the park with her bundle of joy, and she needs to pack up for this trip. Help her pack a baby blanket, toys, milk and other things this super mom needs. Next, you can help Barbie style up the baby stroller, choosing the model and the color you like the best. Don't forget about bringing baby toys and keep the cute baby entertained with colorful balloons. Have fun playing this new Super Barbie Hero Mommy game!