Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge


Barbie and her boyfriend Ken have entered into a little friendly competition in our brand new game called Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge. They are both huge fans of Disneyland and they love to visit it every time they have a chance to. They both think that they know the most about that magical place so they will need something to break the tie. They have decided to enter a game show where they will have to answer Disneyland related questions. The one who answers the most questions wins. Would you like to help settle the score? Play this fun game and for its first stage, use the space button to make them answer the questions the fastest. The first one to answer all of the questions wins. Next, go ahead and move on to the second and final stage of the game. You will have to choose between a mug and a t-shirt and then you will have to decorate them, Disneyland style. Use the paint, stickers and accessories to make the items look wonderful. Have a lot of fun playing Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge and find more amazing games here on our website!