Barbie Winter Fashion

Although it's spring time already, Barbie still needs her to wear winter clothes because the weather is still very cold! The wind doesn't seem to stop blowing and it's still snowing a lot, so barbie can't put aside her boots and shawls yet. But as it has been a long winter, she has run out of ideas of what winter clothes to wear. Barbie is in need of some fashion advice! Help her look trendy and stylish by playing our new dress up game Barbie Winter Fashion. You can choose from her winter closet all the clothes, footwear and accessories you need to give her a fresh, stylish and comfortable look. She is counting on you to help her out when dressing for snowy cold days! Make sure that everything you choose for her matches the rest of her outfit as well as the weather outside. Enjoy dressing up Barbie in Barbie Winter Fashion!