Barbie's Baby Allergy


Hello girls! Spring has finally come and Barbie's baby girl is very happy that she can play outside again and enjoy the wonderful weather. But what you don't know about Barbie's baby is that she likes gardening very much and her favorite flowers are tulips. So she decided to plant some in her back yard with her mom. Can you give her a hand with the gardening? First you have to dig a hole in the ground and plant the tulip seeds. Don't forget to add fertilizer and water the plant! Barbie is there to guide your every step. While enjoying the beautiful flowers, the little girl started feeling sick. Oh no! It looks like she has an allergy to pollen. Can you help Barbie treat the allergy and make the baby feel better? First, you need to give her an oxygen mask to make her breath more easily. Give her nasal spray and eye drops so that the eyes aren't watery anymore. Also, apply an allergy cream for the skin rashes all over her body and the allergy treatment will be complete. Then, have some dress up fun with Barbie's baby and find her a cute outfit to play in the garden. Enjoy our new game, called Barbie's Baby Allergy!