Barbies Beach Bikini


Hello ladies! Are you ready for a beautiful summer at the beach? Barbie is ready and she decided to have fun all summer long at the beach with her friends and enjoy the great weather and beautiful ocean. Before she goes to the beach, Barbie has to decide what bikini to take with her and other outfits that are great for a holiday at the beach. A cute summer hairstyle is a must and Barbie decided on a cute wavy hairstyle and a cute bandana. A cute pink hat is a great accessory because it protects her from the hot sun. Great summer bikini outfits need a pair of sun glasses as well and I suggest cute red ones. The bikini that Barbie could wear at the beach should be colorful and playful like a beautiful pink bikini or an ocean blue colored one. Have fun playing this great summer game called Barbie's Beach Bikini!