Barbie's Day To Night Outfit


Play Barbie's Day To Night Outfit and completely transform Barbie's look by starting out with the same dress! Barbie is a very busy girl, always on the go, so she doesn't have time to completely change her outfit. But she can easily transform her look from casual to glam with the right accessories and make-up. So start out by picking a dress for the day. You can go for a white one, a blue one, a pink one or a glittery plum one. During the day she will go at the beach, so you need to apply a very fresh make-up using natural lipstick, subtle mascara, pastel eye shadow and a light blush. Then choose a cute handbag, a pair of sandals with wedges or thick heels and accessorize with sunglasses, a straw hat and cool jewelry. For an elegant dinner in the evening you can apply a bold make-up using a dark lipstick, fabulous mascara, smoky eye shadow and a visible blush. Then accessorize with an elegant clutch a pair of stiletto shoes and a statement necklace. Now Barbie is ready for both events and she will look stunning every time! Enjoy playing Barbie Day To Night Outfit!