Barbie's Instagram Profile


Barbie would like to update her Instagram profile and she needs to take new pictures of herself, and not just any kind of pictures, Barbie wants to look fabulous and for this, you will need to help her. Play this lovely new game called Barbie's Instagram Profile and help Barbie browse different t outfit ideas and create her fabulous look. She would like a fabulous chic outfit to wear on a shopping spree, such as a black crop top matched with a blue and red dress and red high heels. Once you found the perfect, help Barbie try it on and take a picture. The next outfit idea is a casual and cozy stay at home outfit. Help Barbie find the right clothes and snap a picture. She also needs a casual street look outfit idea and a striped green top matched with a brown skirt will look so great on her. Have a really great time playing this new game called Barbie's Instagram Profile!