Barbie’s Patchwork Peasant Dress


Hey girls! Cute Barbie doll loves a great dress. The great patchwork style is one of her favorite ever and you can help her create an amazing new one, with unique colors and style. In Barbie's Patchwork Peasant Dress you can start by selecting the cutest blouse with short sleeves and then adding the color or pattern. Try a very cute pink color for the blouse and then choose the skirt. You can pick one of two styles and then mix and match different colors and patterns to create the most gorgeous dress. Try patterns with flowers, geometrical patterns or cute simple colors. In Barbie's Patchwork Peasant Dress you can now accessorize the look with the best and cutest waist band and a pair of green shoes. Choose the prettiest hair do for Barbie with loose curls and then add a nice necklace with big gems and a golden bracelet. Enjoy Barbie's Patchwork Peasant Dress!