Barbie's Perfect Reading Corner


One of Barbie's favorite activities is to read and her favorite book is definitely Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. She has read all of the books and is now excited to read this exciting addition to the series. She has waited for this moment for a long time so she wants to make the moment she will finally discover the final adventures of Harry and his wizard friends really special. Luckily, she found the perfect way to read her book while browsing Pinterest. She wants to create a perfect reading corner and she will need some help to make it look amazing. If you would like to help Barbie play this beautiful new game called Barbie's Perfect Reading Corner and start by helping Barbie find where she left her book. Browse through the room to find it and once she has the book go ahead and start decoration. Pick a color for the hammock and then add a snuggly blanket, pillows and colorful lights to make the place look magical. Good job! Now Barbie will have the most amazing reading experience. Have fun playing Barbie's Perfect Reading Corner here on Enjoydressup and play more fun games here.