Barbies Sailor Moon Looks


Your favorite manga series is here and they are cuter than ever, as Barbie is taking the challenge to upgrade her look. Barbie has always admired the brave Sailor Moon girls and anyone can tell of her fangirl passion by looking at her pretty room. Our newest game called Barbie's Sailor Moon Looks is here, taking Barbie into another universe day and night. She has dreamt of being selected into the Sailor Moon squad and she wants to take it seriously. Barbie is going to try out two different looks and she really wants to impress her girl squad. Start the game with a day superhero look and make sure Barbie has her makeup on point. Get a colorful eye shadow, a pink lipstick and make sure you add some pretty accessories for a glam style. Then, get a modern Sailor Moon outfit by matching a cute moon top with a colorful skirt with a pair of stars print tights. Then try another fun look, this time following a proper Sailor Moon dress code. Choose a colorful dress with bows and cool moon accessories. Can anything be cuter than this? Enjoy your adventure in Sailor Moon land and make sure Barbie is a true Sailor Moon fashionista!