Barbie's Vogue Dream Job


Vogue is the Bible of everyone and anyone who loves fashion! Never has there been a more amazing and popular magazine that is read and adored worldwide. Barbie is one of the biggest fashionistas ever! She loves everything fashion related, she always has the most amazing outfits and her style is always on point. She now has the opportunity to be an editor at Vogue. Needless to say she is extremely excited about the job and she wants everything to go great for her interview. Would you like to help Barbie get her dream job? Play Barbie's Vogue Dream Job and help Barbie choose the perfect outfit, help her design a gorgeous magazine cover and finally help her answer the interview questions. This super fun game allows you to create an amazing outfit for Barbie, complete with the latest pieces in your favorite designer’s collection and the most amazing and fashionable accessories, you will get to design the best Vogue cover and decorate it to perfection that you are in full control of an finally have fun with answering the interview questions. This amazing game is everything any fashionista would want to play so enjoy it!