Beauty Crisis Acne Breakout


 Girls, cute Amy had a bad morning. When she looked in the mirror her face was filled with acne and she needs a makeover before she goes out. Start the game called Beauty Crisis Acne Breakout and use a scrub to clean the face and moisturizer. Remove the pimples with a special tool and then create a mask from organic ingredients. You will need sugar, olive oil, honey and lemon. Apply the cream on the face, to remove any scars. Clean off the mask with warm water and then apply a calming lotion. In Beauty Crisis Acne Breakout you can use makeup now and make Amy very beautiful. Try a nice light foundation, cute green eye shadow, a nice pink blush on the cheeks and red lipstick. Choose a cute new ruffle skirt for Amy and matching it with a nice pair of black booties and a white shirt. Have fun playing Beauty Crisis Acne Breakout!